General Servo & Spindle Motors is currently seeking a technician with the skills to be able to completely analyze every aspect of a servo motor rebuild. This includes filling out the proper paperwork and accomplishing this in a fast and effective manner. Requirements include at least 5 years of experience, able to use basic testing equipment, and advanced experience with all servo feedback devices.


GSS Motors is currently seeking a high speed spindle technician. This job fulfillment includes the correct handling and positioning of high speed bearing, seals, and other critical spindle components. Technician must have at least 5 years experience.


This position is open to an individual who has advanced ability in all aspects of motor rewinding. Tasks include being able to complete difficult connections and data interpretation in an efficient manner. Experience for this position must be 3-5 years.


GSS Motors is currently searching for a skilled machinist to join our team. This job requires at least 5 years experience. A background in the motor repair industry is a plus.


GSS Motors is seeking a sales representative. A background in the sales of servo motor repair and services is a requirement along with a minimum of 5 years experience.

Email résumé to , or fax (630) 889-9262, Attn: Fidel Velarde